One-of-a-kind apps that make life easier and/or more interesting:

What If...

iOS Lifestyle Our Most Futuristic App

Welcome to What If, the app where your curiosity about the future meets the power of AI storytelling. Unveil a world of endless possibilities of personalized narratives of what lies ahead… Read more

My Toddler Reads

iOS Parenting Our Most Ambitious App

My Toddler Reads is an engaging and interactive app designed to help young children learn to read by teaching them the sounds of letters and words. With its intuitive touch features, this app makes it easy for toddlers to sound out words and improve their reading skills… Read more

Gradual Nightlight

iOS Parenting Our Most Beautiful App

Transform bedtime for your toddlers with our app! As a parent, I understand the bedtime challenge, which is why I created this app to make it easier for all of us. Use your phone as a reading light during story time and a nightlight for bedtime. What sets our app apart is its gradual screen dimming, ensuring a smooth transition from reading to sleep. Here’s why you’ll love our app… Read more

Kanban AR

iOS AR Spatial Computing Our App With The Most Potential

Introducing Kanban AR, the ultimate productivity app that revolutionizes the way you manage tasks and projects! With cutting-edge augmented reality technology, this app brings your kanban board to life, making task management a truly immersive experience… Read more

Simple Trend Tracker

iOS Self Improvement Our Most Generic App

Easily record the numbers that matter to you and quickly spot trends over time. Our app allows you to track data, such as calories, minutes of activity, hours with a client, and much more. And the values are easy to see on a dynamically updating chart… Read more

iSwear Jar

iOS Self Improvement Our Most Misunderstood App

The iSwear Jar gives you the power to create or destroy any habit. Simply imagine a dollar bill being thinly sliced by a paper shredder, turning cool cash into green slivers… Then imagine that dollar bill was yours, and that you surrendered it as a penalty for slipping up… Read more

Proximity Sense AR

iOS AR Spatial Computing Haptics Our Most Experimental App

Experience the world in a whole new way with Proximity Sense AR!Our innovative app uses augmented reality technology to sense the distance to objects around you and translate that information into a pattern of vibrations. Simply point your phone in front of you and let the vibrations guide you… Read more

Lead the Way

iOS AR Spatial Computing Our Most Obvious App

Looking for a fun and interactive way to navigate your way to far off or nearby places? Look no further than Lead The Way! With Lead The Way, you can see a virtual sign post right in front of you that points you in the direction of your chosen location and displays the distance to your destination… Read more

Gamma 40 Hertz

iOS Self Improvement Our Most Healthful App

The Gamma 40 Hertz app gives you access to a quick brain boost. Some recent research suggests that 40 hertz gamma brain waves decline with age and that reversing the decline can be helpful. This app stimulates 40 hertz gamma waves through light, sound, and touch… Read more

Cat Purr Generator

iOS Our Most Fun App

The Purrfect App brings you easy relaxation. using your phone’s vibration motor and synchronized animation to simulate a purring cat… Read more

The Um Detector

iOS Self Improvement Our Most Useful App

Do you want to improve your speaking? Do find yourself yourself overusing filler words? This app will help you break the habit and speak more confidently. The Um Detector listens for when you say any these words… Read more

Self Help Desk

iOS AR Spatial Computing Our Most Complex App

What if you could see your situation from a new perspectives? What advice would you give? With this augmented reality simulation, you don’t have to imagine; you can experience. Explore the benefits of a thoughtful and private conversation… Read more

The Alterscope

Oculus Go VR Self Improvement Our Most Thought Provoking App

In this simulation, you begin by selecting a conversation partner. The conversation starts when you record a question or statement. You are then transported into the perspective of your conversation partner, where you can listen and respond to what was said. Continue the conversation… Read more

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